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Handmade Bushcraft Backpack

Bushcraft Backpack Models



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Our bags, which are completely custom-made to your wishes, are produced with high quality materials and the highest level of workmanship. We use completely natural materials such as wax canvas, real leather and premium metals in our bags.

Questions -Answers

Which size backpack for right for me ?

There is no fixed size limit. You need to choose your bag size according to your intended use. A balanced bag can be carried without any problems if it has a waist belt and a chest belt.

What size backpack for bushcraft?

For overnight 40 L - 45 L, more than 2 days 50 L - 60 L, 3-8 days 60 L to 100 L 

What is the best fabric for backpacks

Traditionally, bushcraft backpacks were made from waxed canvas and genuine leather , which is highly durable and sturdy. In recent years, bags have been produced especially from nylon and plastic. But these materials are completely opposite to the logic of bushcraft. It is not appropriate for anyone who is passionate about bushcraft to go on this journey with a bag made of materials that harm nature the most.

What are the features of Bushcraft backpack?

Waist Belt, Chest belt, Foam padded back support, waterproof and must be good balance

What should I pack for a Bushcraft backpack?

Water, Batter, Food, flashlight, First Aid kit, extra batteries,Whistle (to signal for help)


Bushcraft Backpacks require high quality workmanship. Unlike classic nylon bags, it should support your back and waist, especially on long walks. It must maintain balance.


Natural Materials Leather and Waxed Canvas


Foam Padded Back Support


Waist Belt 



Chest Belt 


Unlimited Customization


Top Notch Craftmanship

Bushcraft Backpacks 

Our Signature Aesthetic

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